A hobby gone out of control is the best way to describe my relationship with the Internet and designing pages and developing sites. I've been slowly replacing the silly amateur pages with more professional ones, if you were wondering why things were looking a little skimpy lately.

A local organization I'm associated with, Celtic Crossroads, has asked me to create a site for them. I've been in contact with the president regarding development ideas (they're leaving it up to me) and aim and content (I'm leaving that up to them). So far, there's only a skeletal design, but quite a sturdy framwork is developing. Because content will be provided by the organization, there's not too much I can show off at the moment.

I've also begun doing outside site development. PittsburghWrestling.com is planning to debut in September. As far as design, it's ready to go. The owners just need to finalize content. You can have a sneak preview of what the site will be like.