After several months of fooling around with personal Web pages, I realized focusing on Web interactivity would be a good career move. I could do it for hours without interruption, and I loved it.

I went professional in June 1998 with MINDesign, which was shortly thereafter sold. The new owners weren't interrested in continuing any site development (both the pre-existing and the developing Several months' work was scrapped, without ever being published.

Eventually, some of what was going to be the beginning of an entertainment section at the latter site will be reconstructed here at This first assignment was more concerned with content rather than design. Both elements at the Attic are under my control, since I'm the only crazy artist running around throwing paint on the ceiling and scribbling with crayon on the walls.

For six and a half years, I've been maintaining weekly online newspapers. We've grown from 15 to 20 since I started and you can access them at From 2001-2003, I also took over responsibility for publishing a daily newspaper in Ohio. It's a lot of work, but has allowed me to become more familiar with large site upkeep. I'm responsible for updating the majority of each paper's internal content (news articles and briefs etc.). Many of the graphics and nearly all of the layout are my own creation, and I get even more graphics practice at home and at school.