Semester I Semester II
GCT 100 Macintosh Basics
GCT 235 Interactive Design
GCT 260 Digital Imaging Basics
GCT 237 Interactive Programming I
GCT 238 Interactive Programming II
GCT 255 Interactive Graphics
GCT 262 Digital Imaging for Interactivity

GCT 237 Interactive Publishing I
Dreamweaver 3.0
dates: 12/01/00-01/13/01
Now here was a useful WYSIWYG! I fell in love with Dreamweaver and bought my own copy because of my experiences in this class. To me, Dreamweaver makes more sense than Adobe's competing software GoLive! which just annoyed me in GCT 238.

For class, we primarily worked on a existing demo site, Moon's Nest Inn. We did a lot of daily exercises here. We created Principles of Design from scratch.

Final Grade: A