Semester I Semester II
GCT 100 Macintosh Basics
GCT 235 Interactive Design
GCT 260 Digital Imaging Basics
GCT 237 Interactive Programming I
GCT 238 Interactive Programming II
GCT 255 Interactive Graphics
GCT 262 Digital Imaging for Interactivity

GCT 238 Interactive Publishing II
Adobe GoLive!
dates: 03/10/01-04/07/01
A former collegue of mine loves GoLive! and recommended it to me a year previously. However, during this class I found the program difficult to manuver through. You can't do a darn thing without having to find its icon on one toolbar or another. Enough with the dragging and dropping already! I wasn't annoyed by the minor amount of dragging and dropping I had to do in Dreamweaver and when I got tired of that, I could simply add code into Dreamweaver by hand. GoLive! felt really constrictive.

We didn't so much as constuct a "complete" site for most of our assignments in this class. We worked on various individual elements, most of which were brought together in the final project. The StockBlock page was a really complicated assignment involving unusual javascript behaviors, such as re-sizing the browser window and showing/hiding elements.

The non-existant company Gage Vintage Guitars assignment was about as large a site as we created in this class. The content and graphics were provided, but we were pretty much free to design layout of the site itself.

For our final project, I have two different example based on the same demo page. The first featured rollover behaviors but I got fancy on the second and used an animation to create a photo display. The somewhat cluttered content was due to the amount of assigned topics we had to include on the page. For a real-world case study, I would have organized the site more clearly and created a more streamline visual.

Final Grade: A