Semester I Semester II
GCT 100 Macintosh Basics
GCT 235 Interactive Design
GCT 260 Digital Imaging Basics
GCT 237 Interactive Programming I
GCT 238 Interactive Programming II
GCT 255 Interactive Graphics
GCT 262 Digital Imaging for Interactivity

GCT 260 Digital Imaging Basics
Adobe Photoshop 5.5
dates: 10/21/00-11/11/00
My experience with Photoshop goes back to version 3.0 in 1997. Photoshop and I are old pals and I really sharpened up my digital imaging skills in this class.

We used some basic Photoshop tecnhiques in Interactive Design and, boy, have things progressed from my early days in Photoshop 3.0!

There was a huge leap forward for Web application between versions 4 and 5.5. Life is oh-so-much easier with that lovely "save for Web" feature! Common effects like bevels and dropshadows on text (see image at top of page for "bevel and emboss") are now a toolbar option away. No more major manipulation!

This was a very graphic-intense course, so there's only things like buttons we created, artwork we manipulated, a few basic gifs we animated, and our final project that was a combination of techniques we had learned.

Final Grade: A