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GCT 100 Macintosh Basics
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GCT 260 Digital Imaging Basics
Adobe Photoshop 5.5
dates: 10/21/00-11/11/00
All images are linked to a larger image in order to offer a closer look. Unfortunately .jpg quality is nowhere near as sharp as the original Photoshop .psd format.

One of our first exercises was simply selecting a region of color to substitute.

We used this box so many times for various techniques, I'm not sure if this image is the result of using the Magnetic Magic Lasso or the Pen Tool. We used one or the other to select the image and delete the background.

This was a more sophisticated example using various opacity between layers.

These were more exercises in opacity between layers as well as incorporating text into an image.

The cloning tool is probably my favorite Photoshop tool ever. The window on the left was cloned from the window on the right to give the photo balance.

This collage is the result of random images being thrown at a student. I wish something could have been done to prevent the inclusion of that horrible green background.

This van was one of the most complex images we altered. I can't even remember the precise filters used to distort, blend, and blur the van.